Tuesday, 4 April 2017

look what i forgot to post until just now....

luckily, it's good, so it stays fresh.

i really, really dig this song.

given the subject matter and the fact that it was a more quick-paced, looser set, it yielded some amusing behind-the-scenes moments.


Monday, 3 October 2016

switching gears (not really)

While i may continue animating on the side, i remain more focused on "live-action" film production overall. So, instead of never updating this page, the production side will hostile-takeover this site instead.

here's the info dump on the salients - hyperlinks go to the imdb page for all the crew & cast info:

The Ninth Level (2013)
Music: Two Star Symphony

This Neighborhood (2013)
Music: Two Star Symphony

Touch (2014)
Music: Glass the Sky

Whole Other World (2015)
Music: The Wheel Workers 

And first, but not least, the trailer for the full length feature that was my first co-production with director Jerry Ochoa. It will be on HULU soon, in all it's ridiculous glory. Or, for the collectors, hit me up for a DVD, complete with outtakes, (drunken) Director's Commentary, and for a few pennies more, I'll even throw in 3 variant-cover postcards! (the 90s will be hip again by 2019 - get ahead of the hipster herd and buy my dvds! ....Please?)

Hardball: All Balls Don't Bounce (2008)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

It's a COMbination of things that each needs a seperate POST - it's COMPOST!

We entered the "Ninth Level" video into film festivals, and it screened at the RIP Film fest over the Nov.8th weekend in LA.

We had so much fun making Ninth Level, that Jerry (Ochoa, director) wrote and was awarded grant funds through Houston's SouthWest Alternative Media Project (SWAMP) to produce another film featuring a brand new Two Star Symphony score - it was our first project using a RedCam, but we had a fantastic cast and crew and it turned out beautifully. Not only did This Neighborhood get a great response when it premiered at the 2013 Houston CinemaArts Festival presentation of the Short Filmmakers' showcase, it was also accepted to and screened at:

2014 Action On Film Festival  in Monrovia, California
2014 Unreal Film Festival  in Memphis, Tennessee
2014 New York City Independent Film Festival in NYC 
2014 Molins de Rei in Barcelona, Catalonia, where it was nominated for 6 awards in the short films competition, and received a Judges' Special Selection!

We will release This Neighborhood online soon - but while you wait impatiently for its release, another local Houston band - Glass the Sky - liked Jerry's previous directorial efforts so much they asked him to make them a video.  So we produced and Jerry directed Touch, which. is. GORGEOUS. thanks to the heroic efforts of our talented cast and crew. You can peruse pictures of said crew and talent looking like epic set deities behind the scenes here. Or not. But you have the choice.