Monday, 25 July 2011

Character Illustration

I recently completed a concept illustration commission of the main character in author Brant Forseng's upcoming fantasy novel. Mr. Forseng provided me with world and plot description, as well as detailed notes on Lady Merreth's character and appearance. Mr. Forseng gave me exact guidelines about how he wanted Merreth to look (so helpful!), but I otherwise had total creative control over the image elements, and it was a blast to work on the image.

This was my first commission as an artist and I wanted to do a really good job! I'd like to thank my previous digital concept instructor, Stephen Pearce, for all his input, advice, and encouragement.

Both the story and figure of Lady Merreth are extremely intriguing to me, and I'm looking forward to being able to read the book when it's published.  I hope I've done the character justice! Mr. Forseng doesn't have a site up yet for the book, but I will link it as soon as there is for my fellow fantasy bookworms.