Monday, 3 October 2016

switching gears (not really)

While i may continue animating on the side, i remain more focused on "live-action" film production overall. So, instead of never updating this page, the production side will hostile-takeover this site instead.

here's the info dump on the salients - hyperlinks go to the imdb page for all the crew & cast info:

The Ninth Level (2013)
Music: Two Star Symphony

This Neighborhood (2013)
Music: Two Star Symphony

Touch (2014)
Music: Glass the Sky

Whole Other World (2015)
Music: The Wheel Workers 

And first, but not least, the trailer for the full length feature that was my first co-production with director Jerry Ochoa. It will be on HULU soon, in all it's ridiculous glory. Or, for the collectors, hit me up for a DVD, complete with outtakes, (drunken) Director's Commentary, and for a few pennies more, I'll even throw in 3 variant-cover postcards! (the 90s will be hip again by 2019 - get ahead of the hipster herd and buy my dvds! ....Please?)

Hardball: All Balls Don't Bounce (2008)