Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy BP-day!

So, apparently BP wrote off the clean-up costs of the Gulf Coast devastation as a $32 billion tax liability, and are now receiving a $13 Billion tax break from the U.S. government. I remember when the oil tankers spilled off of Galveston and we used to come back from the beach covered in tar for years. We rubbed on sunscreen before we got in the water, and turpentine after we got out. Of course, Galveston has been so overbuilt that it's literally sinking into the ocean and they actively pump sand up from the sea bed to keep any beach at all. Now, BP isn't actively responsible for Galveston's crud, but they did have two fatal refinery accidents within the space of two or three years in the Houston suburbs, and the second was so loud we heard it in the center of town.

This is from a term I Visual narrative assignment to design a monster or zombie, a cute character, and a hero character for a video game.  It's a whole year old, but somehow it still feels fresh to me. Is it summer yet? I'm hitting the beach. Please pass the turpentine.

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