Tuesday, 17 May 2011

keeping the sketch-ability fit as a fiddle....

On a recent trip home to Houston, I caught a performance by Two Star Symphony, the string quartet who agreed to grace my final animation piece with their amazing music.


The sun agreed to grace Vancouver recently, so here are some sketches (best excuse to go outside on a great day!)

 And speaking of great days, if only I was always as 'on' as I was in my most recent life drawing class (I'm especially happy with the drawing on the right - it has the dynamism I struggle to get in longer poses).

1 comment:

  1. I am really liking the girl with the perspective hand in the bottom right. Has a surreal macabre feeling to it. Comes from the face mostly - the holes for eyes and heavy shading surrounding it are slightly reminiscent of the button eyes of Coraline. They give off the same uncomfortable feeling. I can't pry my eyes away from it! :) Your choice of heavy hatching for shading lends itself to this feeling, as does the slightly saddened expression and slight tilt of the head. I really like it. I think it conveys your preferences in mood quite well. You're certainly not a sunshine and bunnies kind of girl :D

    The foreshortening is also nice, though just before the forearm attaches to the wrist it seems to become too thin. Perhaps if the bottom of the arm were attached closer to the bottom of the palm, that way you could also sweep the strong straight line of the top of the hand directly through the arm to increase flow.

    The torso is nice. The back arm could be pushed even further by having her shoulder rotated back. Right now it looks lightly like she has her left shoulder pushed forward, yet the arm is directed back, almost like she was preparing to ram her shoulder into someone.

    Forgot to mention, but the overall LoA is also wonderful in how it helps convey the almost mannequin like movement forwards. Beyond all that, the only thing I'd really suggest is to take another look at how her left foot is connecting to her leg. Her foot feels like it should be angled more towards the viewer, rather than pointed straight up. One of my favourite lifedrawings from you by far. I'd like to see you attribute this feel and style to more of your work!