Thursday, 4 August 2011

while i should have been sketching....

i'm leaving Vancouver for an extended period of time (hopefully not forever), and the last week of beautiful weather afforded too much temptation to run around basking in all the green spaces and green architecture. i should have taken my sketchbook, but.... what can i say? like every other child of the Age of Tech-uarias,  i love taking photos.

i wish i could say i knew what i was doing with the camera, but alas, my beloved Nikon FM film camera is on its last legs, and i have not had the time nor money to "go digital". so i was stuck with my parents' little digi-snapshot camera, and it's total lack of focal or aperture control, and can't claim any responsibility for my dilettante attempts at photography turning out well. Vancouver is just that innately photogenic.

still, i cannot believe i managed to get some of these pictures. hooray for serendipity!

the best:

the rest:

i'm going to have to start saving up for a real camera.....

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