Saturday, 12 March 2011

Baby Steps

i'm taking a part-time digital concept art class through my school while i still have a chance. i've used photoshop extensively to fix photos and create various graphics, but i have never digitally painted, and never before used a wacom or any other type of tablet. i love it, and the instructor is awesome, but several people in the class are so phenomenal that a voice in my head starts telling me i should just become an accountant. luckily, i'm so stubborn i don't even listen to the voices in my head. 

this is my first completed project from that class. my buildings are not as sleekly sci-fi as some of my classmates, but i really like how the foreground structure turned out, and think Harry & David should show me the money to design their home offices in the same fashion. mmmmm, pears.

this is another color variation. i dig how.... gaudy it is.

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